SMART-TRIAL 2019.2 (2.11)

New Features

  • Validation rules

    • Replaces the old min/max rules (if you had these setup, they have been transferred to the new system, but works the same way)
    • Allows for more advanced validation of inputs on date, date/time, specific time, duration, and number questions
    • Dates can be validated against enrollment date, fill out date and birth date (if chosen as subject attribute)
    • Works within a form
    • Three types of consequences/actions: Block answer, Show Warning, and Generate Query
    • See here here for more information
  • Reference rules

    • References rules allow you to setup rules across forms and data events. It allows two question answers to be dependent on each other.
    • Uses the same types of consequences/actions as validation rules.
    • More information can be found here
  • Verification

    • Set the name of the verification when you setup your study (can always be edited)
    • Verify / unverify: Questions, entire forms, AE reports, medication, and medication accounting
    • Partial verification of form + data event: As soon as one question has been verified
    • Full verification: When all questions in a form have been verified, and all forms in a data event. Likewise if a question gets unverified, the form becomes partially verified along with the data event.
    • Verification on a question is removed if the answer is edited.
    • Icon is visible in the site overview, on data events.
    • New permission: Verify
    • See here for more information
  • Module references
    • Create references from your visit events to: Medication (IMP and concomitant), AE reports, and Unscheduled events
    • Allows the user to reference existing entries, or create new ones directly from form fill out.
    • Upon completion of a new AE/medication/unscheduled the user is taken right back to the form fill out
    • See here for more information


  • Added start and stop dates to medication list overview
  • Updated our technology stack to ensure versioning support.
  • Added an icon to the form builder, to more easily identify where information is missing before the form can be saved.
  • Extended validation boxes will now have the password field auto selected to allow for direct password entry.
  • It is now possible to duplicate forms in amendment mode


  • Pressing tab during form fill out will now skip directly to the next question, instead of to the action buttons. This should allow for speedier data entry
  • Changed a few success/error messages from developer to regular language
  • Changed the layout in the form builder:
    • Possibilities, validation rules, show rules, and advanced options now have their own fold out menu underneath the question
    • Question text has been moved to the right of the question type
    • Have added "Module references" button next to "Add question" and "Add Information text"
  • User changing their email will now be shown in SMART-TRIAL system log for admins, to enhance tracability


  • Missing site permission caused the audit log to return a 403 when filtering for data
  • Question possibilities and slider texts would misbehave and not go where directed, they have been told to behave and will follow instructions.
  • Help text could not be added during "Data collection" mode.
  • The "upload image" button is now hidden for Information Texts during form setup
  • Layout issue for queries in Internet Explorer 11