• Added "Public Sign up Introduction text" on processes.

    • If enabled will replace the static text + purpose of study.
    • Is customisable and translatable.
    • Can be added to existing studies
  • Added a search field in the query list view. It is only used to search in the "Query text" column.

  • Added support for Finnish and Greek language.


  • Replaced the column "Latest comment" with "Original query text" in the query list allowing for improved identification of queries.
  • Only showing changed cell values, instead of all cells when viewing change log for a table.
  • Grouped medications now shows dates and have action buttons similar to non-grouped medication


  • A grammatical error in a Danish translation.
  • In some cases it was not possible to remove export label from a data event.
  • Medication module reference would always show as "changed" in the change log.
  • Validation rules would in some cases not get triggered on date questions.
  • Footer would show place holder values when going from "Edit" to "Preview" in the form builder, for large forms.
  • API would not return export labels for Form or Data events.
  • Webhooks with the trigger "Subject enrolled" would not correctly execute their action if the enrollment happened via public sign up.