• Updates translations for Chinese (traditional and simplified) regarding subject fill out and unknown gender.


  • Question text, and information/introduction text did not align properly in form preview/review/fill out.



  • Languages "Cantonese" and "Chinese" have been changed to display as "Chinese (Traditional)" and "Chinese (Simplified)", respectively.


  • The gender and date of birth columns were incorrectly included in some exports of AE causing mismatch between headers and data columns



  • CSV export via our external API, please see here
  • A toggle button to allow for identifiable information ( subject attributes: name, email, phone etc.) to be included in the API export.
  • Validation rules are now part of the 'Get Forms' resource in the API


  • Issue where the Export Label of one Table question would be transferred to a different table question within the same form, if the user clicked directly from one to the other.
  • Forms names not shown in process editor for studies with non-english primary language when going straight to process view after login


  • Performance issue when accessing audit logs in a large study



  • Issue with export of certain forms created before SMART-TRIAL 2.3 (Released January 2017). Single study was affected.



  • Export view used incorrect method for fetching sites to display in the sites-filter, which caused users to be rejected based on permission check



  • Issue with form numbering of forms in export data and code files in some studies.



  • Issue with missing data being allowed in certain cases for slow-loading subject fill outs
  • Product version 2019.4 in the footer would in some caches show up as 2019.3

SMART-TRIAL 2019.4 (2.13)

2019.4 will be noticeably 'thin' compared to previous releases, as we had a feature-freeze. The goal was to improve our tools and scalability of the system. However you will see some changes:


  • Export

    • Studies can now be exported regardless of size
    • Exports are now requested and will run in the background, so the user can go elsewhere while the export is created.
    • Most studies will not notice the difference, as the exports are handled within seconds
    • The requester will receive a notification when the export is ready.
    • Exports are now stored for one hour, before they are deleted.
    • Export has its own left side menu point. The old export will redirect here.
    • Study level export items (AE, Medication, and study overview) will be downloaded immediately via a dialogue box. For more information and images please see our help site: click
  • Added support for Cantonese in public sign up and subject events

  • The "Create Sites" button in the Study Info view now takes you to Site Overview where sites can be created

  • Processes can now be duplicated during amendment mode

  • Verification status of questions and forms have been added to the API

  • The total score of a score-form is now included in the API


  • Query comment length has been increased to 1000 character


  • Change log would show Information Text as having been changed when that was not the case
  • Query button was shown despite not having the query permission, it is now hidden if the user does not have query permission
  • Notes made on table questions were not visible
  • The delete button was visible for validation rules during data collection, it has now been hidden
  • Information text could be marked as "Include in score" in Score Forms, the button has been removed
  • Image charts could not be printed to PDF, has been corrected
  • The default message on validation rules e.g.: "Answer must be greater than 10" counted as a missing translation in the translation view.
  • Form name had gone missing in the breadcrumb during form preview, has now been found and put in its place
  • Added loader to the query overview when first loading the page



  • Subject and Information events were in some situations sent out even though they had been locked.



  • Translations for gender selector - male, female, and unknown


  • Language selector for public enrollment now show the languages in their own language


  • Randomization event status was missing in export csv-file
  • Consent requirement was enforced for every single subject event, even if it was given during a previous fill out session
  • Error in admin tool for correcting data event status and activation time. Two affected studies, which have been contacted.