• Subjects were unable to upload files to questions during public fill out when the first data event was of the type Visit



  • Decimal values for dose in medication export where in some cases exported as dates
  • Issue with links to public fill out shared through social media platforms, being redirected to the login page of SMART-TRIAL



  • Enabling SMART-TRIAL admins to switch multiple activation off on data events after a study has started under certain conditions


  • Issue with date question validation rule not triggering correctly when editing answers and the reference date is the fill-out date



  • Issue with Romanian translations not showing in the public fill-out views, instead displaying the english ones.



  • Changelog and auditlog of edits to form answers would not show values correctly in cases where a table-based question was in the form and had been changed from a static number of rows to dynamic rows



  • Added "Public Sign up Introduction text" on processes.

    • If enabled will replace the static text + purpose of study.
    • Is customisable and translatable.
    • Can be added to existing studies
  • Added a search field in the query list view. It is only used to search in the "Query text" column.

  • Added support for Finnish and Greek language.


  • Replaced the column "Latest comment" with "Original query text" in the query list allowing for improved identification of queries.
  • Only showing changed cell values, instead of all cells when viewing change log for a table.
  • Grouped medications now shows dates and have action buttons similar to non-grouped medication


  • A grammatical error in a Danish translation.
  • In some cases it was not possible to remove export label from a data event.
  • Medication module reference would always show as "changed" in the change log.
  • Validation rules would in some cases not get triggered on date questions.
  • Footer would show place holder values when going from "Edit" to "Preview" in the form builder, for large forms.
  • API would not return export labels for Form or Data events.
  • Webhooks with the trigger "Subject enrolled" would not correctly execute their action if the enrollment happened via public sign up.



  • Access to review form answers with a system-generated query (from e.g. a validation rule) was rejected, displaying an error.



  • Show edits through queries in the change log of form answers


  • Position of Capterra review box on the login page after logout
  • Unable to access change log of form answers without the Audit Log permission
  • Backwards compatibility issue with external resource for requesting export package regarding the "exportHeaders" field
  • Audit log entry for subject edit would show the database id of the user, that registered and updated the subject, rather than the email

SMART-TRIAL 2020.1 (2.14)

It has been a while, but we have not been twiddling our thumbs! Here is the full list of changes and fixes for 2020.1.

New features

  • Copy/Paste question

    • Click the copy button on a question to copy it to your clipboard
    • Paste it by clicking the "Paste" button, either in the current form, a different form in the same study or in an entirely different study!
    • The clipboard can contain one (1) item, similar to the copy paste function in Word
    • The clipboard is erased upon logout or closing the browser
    • The copy will copy the questions: Type, Question text (with an added "Copy Of"), validation rules, possibilities, rows, columns, and export labels - but NOT show rules.
    • Also works with Information text and Module references.
  • Subject ID Automation, choose between three new types of automatic subject ID!

    • Study incremented ID.
    • Site ID & Study incremented ID.
    • Site ID & Site incremented ID.
    • Specify the Site ID when creating a new site or edit an existing sites ID.
    • For more information see here.
  • Added a button to show QR code/link on subject events.

    • The QR code will open the subject questionnaire as if they had clicked on the link in their email or sms.
    • The QR code will allow for simpler sharing of subject event links, you will be able to grab a screenshot from e.g. a tablet and hand it to a subject.
    • Above the QR code is also a direct link to the subject questionnaire that can be pasted into an email or a browser.


  • Dynamic tables.

    • Specify the maximum number of allowed rows, and let your study personnel click the "+add" button to add a new row when needed!
    • Change between Dynamic and Static table during amendment mode
    • Rows can be deleted, will full trace-ability in the audit and change log.
  • Export labels on DE and forms.

    • Specify export labels on Data Events and Form
    • Neither of these have to be unique, but the system will give you a warning if the label is already used.
    • Question labels must still be unique within a form.
    • When creating your export you can choose to use SMART-TRIAL labels (E1_F3 _Q1) or your own labels (ScreeningVisit_Demographics _Weight) or both!
  • Enable/disable AE & Medication modules.

    • If you do not use the Medication or Adverse Event module in SMART-TRIAL, you can now disable it in the study settings.
    • This will remove any and all trace of the modules in your study. If you have already collected data using these module, it will not be deleted.
    • Can be enabled or disabled as you please.
  • You can now clear data in an entire table row

  • Validation rule support for possibility questions

    • Multiple choice, reponse, smiley question and Yes/No now support the use of validation rules.
    • E.g. Create a query if the user selects "Yes" to a certain question, or selects a specific combination in a multiple response question.
    • Please see here for an in-depth explanation.
  • Export allows for coded and uncoded (text answers) data

    • When creating an export you can now select whether you want Coded possibilities or you want Text possibilities.
    • Coded: Yes in the system becomes 1 in the export.
    • Text: Yes in the system becomes Yes in the export.
  • Added support for the following languages:

    • Estonian
    • Latvian
    • Lithuanian
    • Norwegian
    • Polish
    • Romanian
    • Slovak
    • That bring our number of supported written languages up to 27! If there is a language you need for a study we currently do not have, write us at support@smart-trial.co.
  • Enable re-enrollment on public sign up.

    • Allow your subjects to re-enroll themselves again to the same site, this is a toggle button.
    • Their previous enrollment must be completed.
    • The subjects are matched on their email address, other subject attributes will be updated based upon the whats entered in the re-enrollment.


  • Removed "add" from icons in the form builder. So it just says "+ question" instead of "+ add question".
  • "Respond with change" will now put the question in edit mode, allowing "Answer not available" to be selected.
  • Date questions and Date of Birth fields now go 125 years back, allowing for very old subjects to be enrolled.
  • Updated the dialogue box when deleting a question in a form with show rules depending on it.
  • Updated info text on the "Start Study" dialogue
  • The current year will now be the starting point when selecting years in date pickers.


  • Deleting the last question in the form builder, will no longer select the first question, but instead the nearest.
  • It was not possible to add rows/columns to a new question in amendment mode
  • Pagination did not work in "My Forms" which meant you could only see 100 forms you had saved to your profile.
  • Change log did not work without the "Audit log" permission, if "Image as Answer" was used.
  • The export PDF would show Yes/No questions coding incorrectly, if the same form was used more than once in a study.
  • Redacted country code would show up during signup, has been removed.
  • Validation rule text was not editable during data collection and test mode.
  • Users on slow internet connects could re-enroll subjects that had not finished their enrollment, due to slow load time.
  • The standard validation rule texts would use the wrong operators e.g. "greater than" when it should be "greater than or equal".
  • Calculated questions could not handle minus minus operations.
  • The audit log operation "Adverse event Edit" did not hide. personal identifiable fields (gender and date of birth).
  • The export PDF missed coding for multiple choice columns in a table.
  • The success message when responding to a query without change used incorrect text.



  • Support for Dutch language


  • Allows formula of calculated question to 1024 characters long


  • Corrects validation rules that had been rendered disabled after duplication or upload/download on user profile through a job running in the background